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Inspiring Keynotes & Strategic Workshops by Lisa Goldenthal, Top-Ranked Executive Coach

Speaker, Podcaster, Named top 15 Executive Coach by CEO Weekly

Are you a CEO leading a talented team, but frustrated by performance plateaus?

Do you want to break through barriers and achieve exponential growth for your company?

I understand.

As a sought-after Executive Performance Architect, I partner with CEOs like you to unlock the hidden potential within your organization.

My keynote speeches and interactive workshops will equip you and your leadership team with proven strategies to:

Shatter Performance Plateaus

Identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding your company back.

Ignite Unprecedented Results

Develop a clear roadmap to achieve ambitious goals and leave the competition in the dust.

Forge an Unbreakable Company Culture

Foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and peak performance.

Here's what you can expect when you invite me to speak:

Actionable Insights

I don't just motivate, I provide practical strategies you can implement immediately.

Data-Driven Approach

My methods are backed by research and proven to deliver real results.

Engaging & Interactive

My presentations are high-energy and designed to spark thought-provoking discussions.

Don't settle for incremental improvement. Unlock the exponential growth potential within your company.

Schedule a Free Consultation to discuss your specific needs and how I can help your company achieve breakthrough results.

My clients love working with me, just read what they have to say!

Nika Cristiani

Author | Co- Founder & Creator GYM IN A BOX ®️

“Lisa is amazing and highly skilled. Was an absolute pleasure working with her!”

Nick Blodgett

Associate Attorney at Fisher & Fisher

“Lisa brings high energy and seasoned expertise to everything she does! I highly recommend her services for anyone’s physical, personal, and mental growth goals.”

Neshe' Conley


“Lisa is so amazing and I love the advice that she provides for her clients and colleagues. She has a wealth of knowledge that we all can benefit from regardless of where we are at in our journey!”

Danny Langloss

Motivational Keynote Speaker | Custom Leadership Development

“Lisa G is on the front edge when it comes to taking leaders to the next level. Her content I spot on and the guests on her podcast are fantastic. She is crushing it from all sides. I have spoke with a few of her coaching clients and all give her the highest recommendation. Keep up the great work Lisa!!!”

Brian Vendig, CPA, AIF

President, MJP Wealth Advisors

“Enjoyed being a guest on Lisa’s podcast and collaborating with her. She has tremendous energy and empathy to her clients. She wants her clients to achieve positive lifecycle outcomes. Even though we are in different professions, the emphasis on client success is consistent and paramount. She is a pleasure to work with. Thank you Lisa!”

Bret Packard

Building elite performing teams under pressure as CEO of The Packard Network | Investor

“I highly recommend working with Lisa, as she does a superlative job for her clients. Lisa’s knowledge and experience is highly relevant, especially during periods of volatility. Her energy and passion for excellence can be relied on when it matters the most.”

David Alto

I had the pleasure of having Lisa on my LIVE Show. It was obvious that Lisa knew how to get her clients the results they needed because of her vast background and wealth of knowledge in quickly identifying what is keeping you from having a healthy body, mind, and work/life integration.”

Tom Hobbs

“Lisa has an amazing knack at getting to the root of what's holding you back. She helped me unblock some deep rooted limiting beliefs and really shine through. Bye Bye Imposter Syndrome!

I would totally recommend that you work with Lisa if you are a high performing business leader and want to level up.”

Kirsten Granados

“Lisa shines bright and has a wealth of knowledge in helping you develop your peak performance. She radiates enthusiasm and an unwavering dedication to help you reach your goals. I had the pleasure of being a guest on her podcast and she is a wonderful host! If you’re looking to level up, Lisa is your rockstar coach to help you thrive.”

Jaki Sabourin

CEO at Engaged at Any Age

“I'm thrilled with the high-value coaching Lisa Goldenthal provides. I'm a busy coach myself, and having her on my Team and keeping me accountable is making a HUGE impact on my productivity and sales. I highly recommend Lisa Goldenthal!”

Kristin Kocis Molzon

Lisa G is a wise and experienced executive coach who has helped me to become a more effective leader. She has taught me how to build trust, motivate my team, and achieve my goals. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking their leadership to the next level.

Jacob Roig

Lisa is a true leader, guide, coach and teacher! When you or your organization requires intense shifting without it having to be hard work, look no further.

Lisa will get into the depths of the causes and with her training, experience and leadership she will help you get through the bumps and come to the results long desired.

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